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This is a little background about myself and my hopes for this web site.

I moved to Wales in 1997 along with my wife Sarah at a difficult time in our lives.  Sarah had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to give up work.  We made a choice to get out of the 'rat race' and have never regretted our decision.

We now have a 5 year old daughter with more zest for life than anyone could imagine!  She has just started to attend a local school and is learning the Welsh language extremely well.

We have lived in this valley for many years and still find its beauty & people amazing, which is why I feel a need to show it off to the world via the web. If you have something you would like me to promote on this site, or to swap a link, let me know?  If you would like to help in sponsoring us then contact me.

This site is capable of  more and I can see it growing, perhaps even linking, to other locations and becoming a portal for a network of weather stations.

If you have a weather web report let me know and I can add a link or if you want to set up a weather station let me know, perhaps I can help you?

Thank you for visiting us at WEATHER LOOK - come and see us again soon!




Martin Toon 2009