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This site features a weather station in the village of Aberangell, set in the picturesque Dyfi Valley.

This weather station gives a continually updated weather report including:
Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity, Rain Fall, Wind Speed and Direction.  This gives you a portal on the weather in Aberangell from wherever you are in the world.
This Station also gives a record of the weather trends.
The combination of all this information help's to guide us to a prediction or forecast.

Hopefully with experience and the information this site generates you can achieve a consistent forecast, but that is down to your interpretation.

Over the next few pages you will find:

 Live weather through our weather portal...
  This page uses Weather Display Live and shows the here and now weather.
You can click on any gauge to get further information.  Also there is a BBC forecast for Mid Wales.

 Reports showing the trend of the weather...
  This page uses Weather Display and gives information on past & present weather (scroll right down to see it all).
You can use this information to see the trend of the weather.  This will help with forecasting.  Plus a real-time rainfall radar.

 Information on each type of reading...
  This page explains the readings you see on this site and what they represent, plus how they can be used. This has been written in a simple way for all to understand.

 About Aberangell and the surrounding area...
  A brief insight to the area.
This is a beautiful valley with plenty to offer.

 Photos from the area...
  This is a collection of photos taken in and around the valley.  I'm no great photographer but it shows that there are plenty of opportunities to take that "special photo".

 Information on Weather Look and our aim...
  This page gives a little background on us and what we have to offer.
Including our aim for the future of this site.

 Contact details with links to sponsors and other sites...
  All our contact information, plus links to our sponsor's and similar sites.
All the links you need are here.


So if you are about to enjoy a bit of outdoor sport, riding your motorcycle through the valley or maybe even trying to take a photo of a jet flying around the Machynlleth loop - then we can give you a portal on the weather!

Hopefully as you browse through this site you will find its contents interesting, and over time we will add new information and links, but one thing is for certain, the weather will always be changing, so keep visiting us and keep updated. 
You can add  us to your favourites if you want.

We would welcome any feedback or requests for further information or features, so feel free to contact us at info@weatherlook.co.uk

Best Wishes



Martin Toon 2009

*Never plan important events on the readings from this site or from the Internet*


Centre Plan

"From concept to completion,
we're with you all the way"




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